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Have you Lost contact with your family member ?

Family News Services

Economic hardship, social problems, conflicts and natural disasters separates millions of families. The affected persons experience the terrible anguish of being separated from their loved ones, of not knowing where they are or what has happened to them and where to turn to find a missing relative or how to get a message to them.

The Red Cross Tracing Service operates around the world, to re-establish contacts between separated family members and re-uniting them whenever possible.

The Indian Red Cross Societies Family News Service can help you with :

Delivering a family message when the regular means of communication ( such as telephone, poster service, internet, etc) are interrupted by using a Red Cross Message.
Tracing a family member who is separated or lost contact due to conflict, disaster or other situations of humanitarian need.

These services are offered to :
Family members separated due to conflicts, disaster or any other situation of humanitarian need.
Refugees and asylum seekers
Separated children
Families of the above mentioned categories.

Tracing Story - 25 October
For further details contact: -
Family News Service,
Indian Red Cross Society,
National Headquarters,

1, Red Cross Road,
New Delhii - 110 001.
Ph : +91 11 23716441/42 Fax: +91 11 3717454.
Email: [email protected]
Family News Service Brochure (English)
Tracing Story
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