Alerts in year 2019

- IRCS Disaster response in West Bengal- Cyclone "Bulbul"-  November 2019

- IMD forecast - Cyclone "Kyarr" is likely to continue its movement west-northwestwards towards Oman coast during the next five days. Heavy Rainfall to very heavy rainfall very likely in Kerala & Mahe over the next few days
28 October, 2019

-IRCS flood response in Bihar - September 2019

-IRCS flood response in Kerala and Karnataka - August 2019

-IRCS flood response in Bihar - July 2019 [Gallery]

- Assam Flood Response - July 2019

- Heat Wave Responses and Campaigns across the States - Summer 2019

- Cyclone VAYU (pronounced as VAA'YU) is towards Gujarat and likely to landfall on 13th June,2019

- Heat wave alerts and information from IRCS - June 2019
In the year 2015 heat wave caused the deaths of approximately 2,500 people during the summer months and dry season that lasts from March to July in India. The 2015 heat wave has had the highest recorded temperatures since 1995. This year there is a possibility of a severe heat wave that may affect the regions of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jaharkhand, West Bengal, UP and Maharashtra.

- Cyclone Fani - May 2019