Junior & Youth Red Cross Activities for Centenary Celebrations

J/YRC Activities

As a part of its Centenary Celebrations, Indian Red Cross Society is organizing a pan-India painting competition for its Junior Red Cross & a First-Aid competition for its Youth Red Cross members. State winners will be invited for a National level competition later this year.

Excitement for these events is growing across every nook & corner of the country with each passing day. As our grand family of more than 3.3 million young members gets ready for the National Painting & First-Aid competitions in Delhi, here is a look at some of the beautiful, thoughtful paintings/cards created by our Junior Red Cross members!

Painting competition for JRC membersPainting competition for JRC members

Also, here's a glimpse at our Youth Red Cross members from college level grades participating in pan-India First-Aid competitions! 

First-Aid competition for YRC membersFirst-Aid competition for YRC members

We can't wait for these enthusiastic young Red Crossers to participate in the National levels scheduled in May this year!

Stay tuned for updates!