Livelihood Program [Project Completed]

Fremented Fish Shop at Manipur supported under Livelihood Project of IRCS
Fermented Fish shop at Manipur supported under Livelihood Project of IRCS

-Training on Livelihood need assessment (module 1) at Puri, Odisha
23rd September, 2019 - 27th September, 2019

A multiyear partnership on livelihood projects was started in 2016 aimed at addressing the livelihood needs in identified vulnerable households/communities in the selected IRCS State Branches (Manipur- West Imphal, East Imphal, Bishnupur and Thoubal district, Maharashtra – Bhandra and Gondiya district, Odisha - Koraput, Malakngiri,& Kandhamal Districts & J&K).

The main approach of implementing livelihood programs is need-based, identified through participatory needs assessment in each State (women headed households in Manipur and J&K, vulnerable communities in Odisha and Maharashtra).

Assessment visit to Odisha by IRCS and ICRC officials
28-29 August, 2019

Livelihood Odisha visitUnder livelihood project, IRCS and ICRC officials visited Laxmipur Block-- Karli, Minapai, Rourlipadar villages and  Semliguda Block-- Khajarkhota,  Dungriguda villages of Odisha on  28 and 29 August, 2019. The purpose of visit was to assess the situation of farmers after the RC assistance given last year in November and to know  whether the SRI technique is being used. The assessment is being done through community meetings in each village and field trip to each farmer.  

Livelihood Odisha visitTotal 398 beneficiaries were assisted in these 5 villages. Many beneficiaries are getting benefited from high quality seeds of Green motor ,sunflower and vegetables distributed to them by Red Cross (RC) under the project. From sunflower cultivation, on an average single beneficiary gets 52 ltrs of oil. Farmers are doing line transplantation, which is not SRI.

Livelihood Odisha visitWorm infestation in maize is very minimal which may have little impact on yield, but will not cause any losses to the farmers. Vegetables are grown organically and previous support has given high yield of brinjal,tomato,chilly, cabbage, Sunflower, carrot,beans, cauliflower,mustard, green motor, moong (green peas) and okra.

Livelihood Odisha visitFor the implementation of SRI technique completely across the village, we see the importance of RC volunteers working more intrinsically in the project. The farmers told the team that after selling of crop of one season, they are able to earn around Rs. 30,000 and even after selling , they have sufficient quantity for their own consumption.

RC next plan is to motivate the farmers to do SRI transplantation so that they cab earn more income. Also, water is the main challenge for the agricultural land in Koraput. This issue will again be taken up with Government authorities by IRCS.

Distribution of seeds of Khariff season in Odisha - 21st June - 01 July, 2019

Distribution of seeds in Odisha by IRCSDistribution of seeds of Khariff season—Paddy and varieties of different vegetable seeds (7 types) and farmers training was held in Koraput, Malakngiri,& Kandhamal Districts of Odisha. Farmers were trained on SRI methodology of farming and line transplanting method for transplantation paddy.

This year (2019), IRCS-Odisha State Branch supported 1400 beneficiaries in Livelihood Programme. Each beneficiary was given following variety of seeds:


Distribution of seeds in Odisha by IRCS

1. Paddy-5kg
2. Beans-500gm
3. Brinjal-25gm
4. Okra-100gm
5. Tomato-25gm
6. Chilly – 25gm
7. Cabbage- 10gm
8. Maize- 500gm



Distribution of Seeds in Odisha by IRCs in Khariff season 2019 Distribution of Seeds in Odisha by IRCs in Khariff season 2019

Focus Persons in Field
•    Ranjan Kumar Swain, YRC Counsellor of Malkangiri College.
•    Promod Kumr Behera, District Secretary, Malkangiri.
•    Rama Chandra Pattanaik, Deputy Director Agriculture, Malkangiri.
•    Dr. Asis Rathor, YRC Counsellor of Malkangiri College.
•    Amulyaratna, YRC Counsellor cum volunteer.
•    Singh Madkami, Ward member of walampalli village.
•    Kalia Majhi , Village head of Walampalli village.
•    Rasmiranjan Moharana, Asst. Agriculture officer, Podia Block, Malakngiri.
•    VAW of Wallampalli G.P of Malkangiri.
•    Sidharth Pattanaik, Emergency Officer,Koraput.
•    Biren Satpathy,Principal of Laxmipur college.
•    Mrs.Nirupama Wadeka,Sarapancha Kutinga G.p.
•     Prkash kumar Seneapati, YRC Counsellor cum volunteer.
•    Promod kumar Sethi, Volunteer Semiliguda block of Koraput district.
•    Mrs Subhsree Bandit ,AAO Semiliguda Block.
•    VAW of Sorisapadar G.P.
•    S.K Samal, Section Officer Koraput district.
•    Praduman kumar Mandal, District Emergency cum secretary Redcross,Kanadhamal.
•    Mr.Josheph Kumar, VAW of Bilamal G.P
•    VAW Kirikuti G.P
•     Prasant Kumar Behera, Volunteer,Rourilipadar Kandhamal.
•    Umesh Chandra Patra , Volunteer Kandhamal.
•    Anjan Pradhan, Volunteer Kirikuti G.P Kandhamal


Key findings of Monitoring visit at Manipur by IRCS, ICRC and State Branch officials (13-18 May, 2019)

Mushroom Cultivation
Mushroom Cultivation at Manipur supported under Livelihood Project of IRCS

Total 35 women headed households out of 150 households, being supported under the program, were selected for the visit. Households were from almost all the 04 districts of the state, namely, West Imphal, East Imphal, Bishnupur and Thoubal. The support provided was primarily to setup their livelihood in areas of embroidary cum tailoring, grocery shop, mushroom cultivation, fermented fish shop, eatry, street vendor (veg+fruits), power loom. [ A short video of power loom]

Current Status of the Livelihood project  in Manipur

  • Overall the net profit from various activities ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 INR.
  • Few of the beneficiaries have deployed workers / friends to run their business smoothly on daily wages basis.
  • The beneficiaries running hotel, grocery shops, tailoring, fish shops, mushroom production etc are doing extraordinary good job and earning good profit.
  • From the profit, beneficiaries have expanded their business, done repayment of loans, giving education to their children and have providing nutritious food for family. Some of the beneficiaries have sent their children to hostel for getting higher education in the best school of the city.
  • Few beneficiaries have started coaching on tailoring thus creating another sources of income. For example, beneficiaries  engaged in mushroom production are spending spare time doing weaving etc.

It was informed by the beneficiaries themselves that their life has changed as compared to the previous status. People have now found themselves economically at the best status. Overall the current situation of the beneficiaries of the targeted area has improved after Indian Red Cross intervention. [Photo Album]

IRCS Manipur livelihood project

@IndianRedCross’s #Livelihood project has supported Renu in realizing her inherent potential; earning her livelihood and blossoming into an independent individual.  Today, she is educating both her children & has emerged as a role model for several other #women in her community. And that is not all-she also trains other women and hopes that one day every woman is equipped with knowledge & resources that will make her self-reliant!

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