Rates of Blood/ Blood Components at IRCS , NHQ Delhi

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As per order No. 9/SBTC/2001/H&FW/184-271 dt/- 21 Feb 2023

Rates for patients admitted in Private Hospitals/Autonomous Bodies/Nursing Homes

1. Packed Red Cells/Whole Blood  - ₹1550 per unit
2. Fresh Frozen Plasma - - ₹400 per unit
3. Platelet Concentrate ₹400 per unit
4. Cryoprecipitate-  ₹250 per unit

Rates for patients admitted in Government Hospitals

1. Packed Red Cells/Whole Blood-  ₹1100 per unit
2. Fresh Frozen Plasma-  ₹300 per unit
3. Platelet Concentrate-  ₹300 per unit
4. Cryoprecipitate-  ₹200 per unit

Rates for specialised requirements

1. Antibody screening (donor & patient) by 3 cell panel - ₹300
2. Grouping and cross matching by semi-automation- ₹120
3. Ph Phenotyping for extended serology- ₹500

The following categories of patients are exempted from payment of service charge:

a. Thalassemic, Hemophilia, Sickle Cell Anaemia patients and any other blood dyscrasia and HIV/AIDS patients requiring regular blood transfusion.
b. Patients holding National Food Security Card (EWS/BPL) for families/individuals.


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It is mandatory to get the Blood requisition form which has to be stamped by blood bank of hospital or if blood bank is not available in the hospital, it should be stamped by the doctor treating the patient and the hospital along with the blood sample of the patient

The person collecting the blood must possess the valid Govt ID card and proof of relationship with the patient.