Tuberculosis (TB) Project

IFRC Supported TB Project


Minutes of the virtual meeting held under the chairmanship of Sh. R.K. Jain, Secretary General on 26.05.2022 with the Secretaries of IRCS State/UT branches to discuss the ways & strategy for involvement of IRCS branches in eradication of TB from the country.


The State/UT branches are requested to take necessary action on the decision taken in the meeting. Few of them are mentioned as following:
1. To find the donor whether corporate, institute, organisation or individual,
2. To register the donor on website ( & to associate the officials of IRCS branches
3. Distribution of the nutritional kits, preferably procured by donor himself, through their local Volunteers to the TB Patients in the chosen area

The steps for registration of Nikshay Mitra is as below for taking necessary action to register the donors:

Steps for Registration of Nikshay Mitra (the Donor)-
1. Visit and click on "community support to TB patients -Nikshay Mitra"
2. Click on "Nikshay Mitra Registration- Form", to register
3. Provide basic details of Nikshay Mitra - Name, Type, Mobile Number, e_mail id, Address, State, and District.
4. Commitment from Nikshay Mitra -Type of support to be committed, Duration of support committed (in years).
5. Geography selection (select one or more geographies below) -Area to be supported.
6. Tick on the declaration and then click on Submit button

Summary of Closed TB project

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of India's major public health problems. According to WHO estimates, India has the world's largest tuberculosis epidemic. Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring that TB cases are treated successfully and stigma and discrimination against the patients is eliminated. With the aim to reduce the raised burden of MDR TB, IRCS addresses vulnerable category of patients to retreatment patients. Their treatment is being supervised and follow up is adhered to.

Since 2009, IRCS has been working for TB patient in different states at the community level. In 2017 Indian Red Cross society targeted 700 cat II patients in selected pockets of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat. The project covers awareness meetings, care and support, patients counseling, IEC activities and discussion sessions at the government health facility within the designated TB units.

Goal and Objectives:

  • To ensure that Catt II TB patients, i.e. those who have stopped DOTs treatment without completion, are put back on treatment until they are cured.
  • To ensure effectiveness of treatment by providing care and nutritional support to the most vulnerable TB cases.
  • Prevention of Multi Drug Resistant TB.
  • To reduce the number of deaths, illness and impact from Tuberculosis and MDR TB in target areas.
  • To reduce the stigma and discrimination around TB through behavioural change communication and inclusion of TB patients in main stream.